My Soap-Making Journey

How did I start to create natural soap?

My husband has very sensitive skin and it was irritated by all the skin products we've tried. In an effort to help him, I decided to try to make our own soap. By using organic, fair trade, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients, as much as possible, I  started to create products that are good for the environment and, most importantly, good for our skin.

From there, I expanded into making small batches of my products for family and friends. I always knew, that the skin, as our largest organ, needed to be fed with the same care as our body.

I want to tell you secret: beside trying to eliminate chemicals from our life, I got to express my artistic background through using the soap as a canvas. I am trying to reflect the nature's beauty and harmony into my swirlings of colour and scent.

Creamy Vibrance is a small business that is focused on creating handmade luxurious soaps using skin-loving, natural ingredients. All our soaps are carefully formulated and handcrafted, in small batches, using traditional Cold Process or Hot Process technique. Our aim is to use natural ingredients with the emphasis on locally sourcing them, wherever possible.

Being handmade, each soap's design will be a little different, creating a unique natural soap bar. Our family and friends are testing every batch of soap, to ensure its quality. Everything we make has to satisfy us first, before we will consider offering it to you. Also, our concern is to create something that is gentle, simultaneously, on the skin and environment through the replacement of the synthetic detergents found in the commercial soaps. The additives that we use - essential oils and quality fragrances, natural clays, infused oils and some plant colours, allow us to create a diversity of scent and colour.

To keep your soap for as long as possible, make sure to place it on a soap dish that will allow it to dry between each use. Now, I offer to you, my humble work, made with responsibility, passion and love, hoping that you will enjoy it as much as my family and friends do.

Gianina of Creamy Vibrance Soaps

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